Opening Our Borders and Our Hearts

As the US moves towards a full reopening this summer, we hope that we can also further open our borders, our communities and our hearts to people fleeing war and persecution.

The Biden Administration was slow to lift the refugee ceiling and is still keeping a formidable barrier to entry in place, Title 42, a Trump era expulsion policy designed to keep out asylum seekers at the border under the pretext of Covid. The southern border is not just an entry point for Latin American asylum seekers, but also people traveling from as far away as Cameroon, Congo, Eritrea, Pakistan, India and other countries in Africa and Asia. The good news is that the administration is hiring more immigration judges to tackle the enormous backlog of cases, not to mention an anticipated 300,000 new asylum claims.  

Not every asylum claimant will receive asylum, but all deserve a fair chance to tell their stories and make their cases in court. We help refugees tell their stories by providing free translations of the documents that support their claims to asylum, which is crucial to winning their cases.  

Throughout the pandemic, our nimble organization has been able to continue providing translation support while at the same time providing income for our translators, some of whom are refugees themselves, during this difficult time. 

What we do is pretty simple, but the need is great and becoming greater. Please join us in our mission by helping us reach our Opening Our Borders and Our Hearts campaign fundraising goal!