Make 2021 a very good year for someone!

Now more than ever people need help getting out of camps, resettling in safe places, and obtaining asylum. Access to free translations is crucial to winning cases. By donating to the Refugee Translation Project, you can make 2021 a very good year for someone in need of safety.

Thanks to two, very generous donors, your contribution will by matched, doubling your impact!

Our end of year campaign supports an ongoing process to build a reserve fund to pay our translators, some of whom are refugees themselves, and supports us to strengthen our organization, as we build collaboratively with immigration service providers to meet an unprecedented scope of need.  We have expanded our language capabilities to include Dari, Kurdish, Pashto, Spanish, Swedish, and Urdu alongside Arabic, French, German, Greek, and Turkish. 

Many barriers stand between asylum seekers and safety. By providing free translation services to refugees, we are ensuring that document translation is not one of them. 

Thank you!!