Digital Mixer Available to Watch

Thank you everyone who attended our first digital mixer with our advisory board members. If you couldn’t make it, click here for the recording of the event and learn from Jessica Rofé and Hammadi Khelifi, as they discuss the refugee situation going into 2021 and how the Refugee Translation Project can help. For those of you craving good news right now, watch here and learn how next year *might* be better for refugees.

There are a few more days left in our End of the Year Campaign. If you can give please do. If not, perhaps you can forward this appeal to a friend. With your help we will continue to provide free translations to people fleeing danger and oppression. What we do is pretty simple but the need is great and becoming greater. Our matching donors are still matching your gifts. Power us in 2021 by joining the campaign here.

OR you can sustain us throughout the new year, by becoming a MONTHLY DONOR. I know a lot of you have been wanting a way to continue to support automatically. Your day has come thanks to our fiscal sponsor, Angels to Angels.

May you have a safe and healthy new year!