World Refugee Day 2020

World-Refugee-Day-1080x675This year’s World Refugee Day falls in the middle of a great struggle for human dignity. Masses of people have taken to the streets across the globe calling for racial justice, police and government accountability, and the destruction of racist and dehumanizing iconography. This dehumanization is what allows racism and oppression to thrive. How can you cage someone you consider an equal?  How can you torture someone you consider an equal? How can you kneel on the neck of someone you consider an equal? Dehumanization and the denial of human dignity have enabled the world’s greatest atrocities. This is our moment as humans to stem the tide of oppression and restore dignity to those who have suffered too long. The Refugee Translation Project stands with Black Lives Matters and all movements committed to the sanctity of Black and brown people, so many of whom are refugees, like our clients from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Egypt, Cameroon and Democratic Republic of Congo.

The pandemic and police violence have shed light on the inequalities that often lead to forced migration. Your support of the Refugee Translation Project saves lives and brings us closer to a world where people can live free from oppression and fear. In honor of World Refugee Day please join us in our work.