Road to Safety

Our Spring 2022 Fundraising Campaign

The Refugee Translation Project’s Road to Safety Campaign aims to raise funds to provide translation services to people directly affected by war and violence, in particular but not limited to people fleeing Afghanistan and Ukraine. The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and the Russian invasion of Ukraine has created over 4.5 million refugees. Translation plays a crucial role in an immigration application because it is the only mechanism by which a displaced person can convey their experiences accurately to a court or immigration officer. Without access to translation, a person’s application cannot be processed, or their case may be rejected – oftentimes with life-or-death consequences. In addition to translating documents for immigration cases, we also translate critical information to help people access resources.  

Our Ukrainian and Russian translators are eager to assist people fleeing conflict and persecution. At the same time, our commitment to Afghan asylum seekers and refugees remains robust. The Refugee Translation Project has been providing IRAP with live interpretation and document translation services at legal clinics for Afghan clients. Hundreds of people have received free legal advice at these clinics. In the coming weeks, we will be helping many of these attendees prepare for their immigration court cases by translating their documents. We have also translated guides in both Pashto and Dari to help with this process. 

To ensure the safety of all people who have had to leave their homes, we have launched our new  Road to Safety fundraising campaign. We aim to raise funds to provide translation services to people directly impacted by war and violence. Please consider making a donation today. Thank you!

Making New York a More Accessible City

“I have been so inspired by the work that this organization does.”

Access is at the heart of what the Refugee Translation Project does. Access to justice, access to the immigration system, access to information that helps keep individuals, families, and communities safe. We were thrilled to hear NYC council member Carlos Menchaca celebrate the Refugee Translation Project at our Artist Spotlight event in December. Carlos is an indefatigable champion for NYC’s immigrant community, who funded a robust adult literacy services program as well as the country’s largest public defender program for undocumented immigrants, granting thousands of people access to justice and information. Carlos also authored the legislation for IDNYC, an ID card that enables all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status, to access benefits and programs, open a bank account, take the high school equivalency exam, and enter their children’s schools.

“As an elected official and representative in a city like New York where immigrants are so imbedded into the fabric of the city,” Carlos told us at the event, “there are so many gaps that government leaves, and language access is one of them, that people, unless they go through it, don’t really understand it.” With the support of elected officials and activists like Carlos the Refugee Translation Project provides free translation services to people seeking asylum and other immigration relief. We also work closely with our partner organizations in New York City to translate vital information that help people better understand the immigration process, local and federal laws, and the services that are available to them.

As we enter 2022, we are excited to continue our efforts alongside our new Council Members to provide language access to New Yorkers.

2021 Refugee Translation Project Year in Review

With 2 more days left to make your tax-deductible donation, here is the Refugee Translation Project’s year in review.

In 2021 we:

-translated in 13 languages, two new (Russian and Chinese) in 2021
-translated 75 documents in 9 pro bono asylum cases
-translated documents for 34 resettlement cases leading to AT LEAST 3 PERMANENT RESETTLEMENTS!
-translated over 150 pages of orientation materials to help bring Afghan families to safety
-collaborated with the Immigrant Defense Fund, Envision Freedom Fund, and Artistic Freedom Initiative
-joined the New York Immigration Coalition
-partnered with NYC Council Member Carlos Menchaca to host our first Artist Spotlight!!

And most personally for the project we continue to write letters to congress members, non-profit organizations and former colleagues in the military to bring our Afghan translator’s family to the US. His story of escaping Kabul reminds us of how much our clients have endured.

In 2022 the work continues and grows. Even during these holidays our professional translators are working on materials for people from Afghanistan, Palestine, Turkey, and elsewhere. And in 2022 we will increase our services to perform over-the-phone intake interviews!

We were able to help so many with the support of people like you! Thanks to the generous commitment of our anonymous donor to match dollar for dollar up to $10,000 now is the best time to donate. 

Thank you everyone for your support. We wish you all the best in the new year.