Road to Safety

Our Spring 2022 Fundraising Campaign

The Refugee Translation Project’s Road to Safety Campaign aims to raise funds to provide translation services to people directly affected by war and violence, in particular but not limited to people fleeing Afghanistan and Ukraine. The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and the Russian invasion of Ukraine has created over 4.5 million refugees. Translation plays a crucial role in an immigration application because it is the only mechanism by which a displaced person can convey their experiences accurately to a court or immigration officer. Without access to translation, a person’s application cannot be processed, or their case may be rejected – oftentimes with life-or-death consequences. In addition to translating documents for immigration cases, we also translate critical information to help people access resources.  

Our Ukrainian and Russian translators are eager to assist people fleeing conflict and persecution. At the same time, our commitment to Afghan asylum seekers and refugees remains robust. The Refugee Translation Project has been providing IRAP with live interpretation and document translation services at legal clinics for Afghan clients. Hundreds of people have received free legal advice at these clinics. In the coming weeks, we will be helping many of these attendees prepare for their immigration court cases by translating their documents. We have also translated guides in both Pashto and Dari to help with this process. 

To ensure the safety of all people who have had to leave their homes, we have launched our new  Road to Safety fundraising campaign. We aim to raise funds to provide translation services to people directly impacted by war and violence. Please consider making a donation today. Thank you!