40 Families and Individuals Helped!

Since we began in May, we have provided free translation services to 40 families and individuals.

We have helped more people than we expected with the funds we raised in our first two campaigns, but those funds are nearly depleted. Our current campaign ends this month. Please help us raise our goal of $10000.

Ways you can help:

1) You can make a tax-deductable donation
2) Share this project with your friends, family, colleagues and other community members to solicit donations through the website,
3) Host an evening mixer/fundraiser and invite people you would believe would be interested in the Refugee Translation Project,
4) Let us now about grants and foundations that could provide us with funding, and
4) Introduce us to other people who might be interested in supporting the project. These people could be lawyers, successful immigrants concerned for current immigrants, or general philanthropists/potential philanthropists hoping to help newcomers to the metropolitan area.