”I am a human rights lawyer who had to flee from my home country. When I came to the US, I had to prepare a legal file for my status here, but because of the tragic trauma that I was going through, and have tried to cope with, it was so hard to explain what I had experienced. Moreover, to describe them in English made it a real challenge for me. When I learned how to get help from the Refugee Translation Project, I felt stronger, and that I could make my voice heard. The project didn’t just help me with my first steps in the USA, but also helped me with my goal of using my qualifications to contribute to this country. A few months ago project volunteers supported me while I was doing my LLM law school applications. They quickly responded to my request again and helped me express my goals and projects in an American context. What is more, they didn’t ask any money and did it free of charge. It was a great stroke of luck to have found this project, especially considering the economic circumstances I am in. I greatly appreciate this project. Thank you to all supporters and volunteers.”

– Client, NJ

Client Testimonial