How You Can Help:

Our fundraising goal is to create an ongoing fund to pay for the translation of documents necessary for asylum cases, so that refugees can accurately tell their story with as much supporting evidence as possible, without bearing the financial burden to do so.

7 ways you can help:

1) You can make a tax-deductible donation.

2) Volunteer! We are looking for a volunteer grant writer and a research intern. We are also open to other volunteer activities.  

3) Share this project with your friends, family, colleagues and other community members to solicit donations through the website. Contact us and we can provide you with an email template.

4) Host an evening mixer/fundraiser and invite people you believe would be interested in the Refugee Translation Project.

5) Let us now about grants and foundations that could provide us with funding.

6) Introduce us to other people who might be interested in supporting the project. These people could be lawyers, successful immigrants concerned for current refugees, or general philanthropists/potential philanthropists hoping to help new arrivals.

7) Become a dedicated fundraiser. If you have experience with fundraising or are part of a network well positioned to solicit donations, we could really use you!

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