A Glimmer of Hope on World Refugee Day

We are thrilled to announce that a family we supported has been granted asylum in the United States! The asylum process is a long, arduous process that can take up to a year or more. As the Refugee Translation Project has been around for just over a year now, we hope to hear more wonderful news like this. Thank you again everyone for your support and donations.World Refugee Day Image

One Year In

The Refugee Translation Project has been providing free translation services for over a year now. We have helped over 135 families and individuals from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Turkey with their asylum and relocation process by alleviating the costly burden of translation.

Still, we need to help more people.

Our small grassroots organization depends on donations to continue our work. If you are looking for a way to lighten the load of a refugee family, a donation to our project goes a long way. Only 8% of the money we raise goes to administrative costs, including our non-profit status platform fee. The rest goes directly towards translation.

Also, we can’t thank enough all the people who have donated money and their time to keep this project going. Your support is sincerely appreciated.