RTP for Nonprofits and Law Firms

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The Refugee Translation Project provides language services to nonprofits, law firms, law schools and other organizations to meet their clients’ translation and interpretation needs. We work with these organizations on a fee-for-service model, the fees from which support our translators and help subsidize our pro-bono clients.

Why Refugee Translation Project?

  • We provide consistent, high-quality translations with a quick turnaround from experienced translators with immigration-specific expertise.
  • We offer our partners access to 15+ languages via one point of contact.
  • We hire refugees and former refugees to work as translators. 
  • We pay our translators a living wage
  • We work with refugees who have sufficient language skills to help them transform their linguistic competency into a marketable professional skill, which they can use to build their portfolio and resume.
  • We are a non-profit organization that ensures refugees never incur any translation costs.

Our Services are Easy to Use!

We offer our partners access to over 15 languages via one point of contact. We remain responsive through the entire process of each translation.

Get Started

Send us a message explaining your translation and/or interpretation needs. We will respond promptly to establish a working agreement that outlines rates and expectations.

Partner Organization Testimonial

“Since the Refugee Translation Project began its work, it has been a wonderful resource and partner to our Legal Services Department at the International Refugee Assistance Project. Communication with the team is always incredibly speedy and up-front, and offers us easy access to high-quality translations of the essential documentation required for us to be the best advocates for our clients we can be.

It has been a pleasure working with the whole team, and we are grateful that the Refugee Translation Project continues to expand so that we can work with the project’s experienced translators in even more languages on behalf of our clients.”

-Julia Kessler

Complementary Pathways Project Manager International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) | New York